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Project Managament Handbook for Mobile Phones


Falcon Leader has published Project Management Handbook for Mobile Phones. At the moment it is available in Windows Phone Marketplace for Windows Phones and in Google Play for Android devices. It will be soon available for iPhones as well.

Detailed description    

Project Management Handbook is Ultimate tool to learn basic principles of project management. Basic Terminology is available and the user can easily move through hypertext application by the current needs. 
Application will be continuously improved by the comments of the users.  Handbook contains areas of Project Management  as follows:
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Project Initiatives
  • Project Planning
  • Implementation of the Project
  • Closing Down the Project
  • Project Organisation
You can easily use hyperlinks and pictures by tapping them. You can get out of the picture by tapping it. You can go to earlier step by wp7 back arrow and you can go backward and forward by the arrows on the bottom of the screen.
Handbook is written by Jarmo Hallikas ( and Graphic Design is done by Jani Paavola (
6/15/12Project Managament Handbook for Mobile Phones
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